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How to Sign Up for Canyon Trips


Pre-registering for a Canyon Trip or Workshop Before the Festival



  • Register for the festival and pay the donation fee  

  • Read the Team Composition and Skills Level Self Assessment to assist you in choosing appropriate canyons 




  • Review information about the canyons




  • Pre register for canyons by booking in the link below. Once the festival starts the booking page will be closed and sign ups will be moved to sheets in the Community Center.

  • During the festival sign up on the sheets in the Community Center. Sheets will be posted on the door of the Community Center at the end of the evening social each night.


  • The Ouray Canyon Festival organizers are willing to consider participants' "wish lists", but cannot guarantee any specific canyon trip will be offered during the festival.  If you would like to see a trip not listed on the web site, email with the details and date of the trip you desire and organizers will try to add them. And as always, you are welcome to meet up with other canyoneers during the evening socials to plan your own adventure!


At the Festival


  • On the day before the festival start, booked events will be converted to sign-up sheets.

  • All sign-up sheets will then be placed on the Activity Table in the Ouray Community Center (where all social activities are held). Sign-up sheets will be posted on the door of the Community Center at the end of the evening social each night.

  • To sign up for a trip, first check the Activities Table to see if someone has already started a similar trip sign-up.  If your desired trip does not already exist, take a blank sign-up sheet, fill it out as an “Organizer” or “Participant”, place it on a clipboard, and put the clipboard on the Activities Table.

  • In all cases, the organizer/leader retains the right to refuse anyone.  The best way to ensure you get a space on a trip is to volunteer to organize or lead the trip.


Release of Liability


The canyon instigator and/or canyon lead is not an instructor, guide or guru. Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety, as well as looking out for everyone else's safety. Activities at height in wet canyons are dangerous and can result in serious injury or death.


Remember this DISCLAIMER: All workshop leads, canyon leads, and canyon instigators are NOT COMMERCIAL GUIDES OR INSTRUCTORS!   All  activities are run as a group of friends that get together to have fun and learn from each other with no fees involved.  These vertical sessions are no substitute for PROFESSIONAL TRAINING.  Keep in mind...



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