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Brian Olliver

(90 minutes; 2013)


Gorging is a feature documentary about the sport of canyoneering in America, its pioneers and participants. Gorging is the portrait of canyoneering. Told from four very different perspectives - a guidebook author, photographer, guru and weekend warrior - each offers a unique take on the emerging sport. Exploring the remote canyons of the American Southwest, Gorging examines the discovery, growth, accidents, environmental impact and future of canyoneering.  As the extreme sport of canyoneering grows and the mainstream takes it on, what will be the future of a historically 'secret' sport?

Last of the Great Unknown


Dan Ransom

(22:53 minutes; 2012)


The Grand Canyon is an immense place, almost unfathomable in scale, and one of the last places in the American West to be explored. Deep within this vast wilderness are secret and intimate tributaries rarely visited by man, hiding some of the Canyon's most remarkable features. The barrier to entry is steep. To explore them, one must have knowledge of backpacking, pack rafting, rappelling, anchor building and off-trail navigation. “The Last of the Great Unknown” is the story of these slots, the canyoneers who systematically explored their drainages, and the secrets hidden deep  within their walls.

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Extreme Canyoning

(70:00 minutes; 2013)


Filmed at the most exclusive canyoning hot spots in Ticino, Switzerland.  Filmed using the latest 3D technology and using remote controlled camera drones.  Enjoy unique and never before seen views recording an impressive natural backdrop.  Experience canyoneers at the dizzying height, spectacular waterfalls, daredevil jumps, and extreme slides. Buckle up for this action-packed adventure and experience an extreme.

Ouray (World Premiere)

by World Falling Away


Paul McDaniel

(13:00 minutes; 2015) 


World Falling Away, a moment of intense focus when everything is on the line. "Ouray" represents the 5th episode of the WFA outdoor adventure series, this time with a focus on canyoneering in the Ouray, Colorado area.

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