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Other things to do in the Western U.S.



If you are extending your trip to the United States for more canyoning, canyoneering, or travel, consider the following locations:


  • Moab, Utah is nearby and is a mecca for desert jeeping nearby Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Parks as well as canyoneering.

  • Other desert Colorado Plateau canyoneering options include Zion National Park, San Rafael Swell, Robber's Roost, Captial Reef, and the North Wash of Lake Powell.  Desert destinations would be better to plan after the Ouray canyon festival as these areas are HOT in August.

  • There are many canyoning/canyoneering destinations in Arizona as well as some amazing sights such as simply visiting the Grand Canyon if you aren't planning on canyoneering in the Grand Canyon.

  • Yosemite NP for unbelievable granite faces and Yellowstone NP for incredible geothermic activity are both further away, but worthwhile destinations.

  • For carved granite canyons more similar to North Italy, France, or Switzerland, consider the California Sierras or the Oregon or Washington Cascades.  These canyons are all at quite a distance from each other and require more drive time between canyons.

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