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Workshop Leads

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All workshops, clinics, and practice sessions are organized and lead by "experienced" canyoneers, see their bio's below.  Please remember they are volunteers acting in a non professional capacity.  They are sharing their personal accumulated experience with the group.  These volunteers may not have any certifications, rescue training or experience, or special training and there is no guide-client, instructor-client, or teacher-student relationship stated or implied.  All canyon trips, workshops, clinics, and practice sessions at the festival are groups of like minded canyoneers.  These leads are just "experienced" equal members of the like minded group.


Release of Liability


Remember this DISCLAIMER: All workshops, clinics, and trip ambassadors are NOT COMMERCIAL GUIDES OR INSTRUCTORS!   All  activities are run as a group of friends that get together to have fun and learn from each other with no fees involved.  These vertical sessions are no substitute for PROFESSIONAL TRAINING.  Keep in mind...


All participans, Please download and sign the event Liability Waiver.  Bring to the event or email signed copy.

Meet our Workshop Leads and Speakers



Eric Prinster
Workshop Lead
Canyon Ambassador
AJ Pastula
Canyon Ambassador
Canyon Lead
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